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an exercise on an exercise

By Edwin Torres

archie is now family-friendly with betty, veronica and kevin…juliana spahr is connecting everyone with lungs, point a to b…dagwood will always hinge his mouth open to fit that impossibly huge sandwich, mutilation culture…mike tyler cannot get arrested, the poet’s poet…a tv camera on a waist-belt captures the onslaught of humans against the tide, canary in a coal mine…

“I loaded sixteen tons and what do I get / Another day older and deeper in debt / Saint Peter don’t call me cause I can’t go / I owe my soul to the company store”

The flute player {intermix the} salsa record store {intermix the} straphangar’s suddenly released motion {intermix the} speed of brain’s telegraphic portrayal of an unwritten novel {intermix the} cute girl’s panty bag {intermix the} naughty flirt {intermix the} memory of a fractured humerus {intermix the} self-important insertion {intermix the} missed opportunities of a broken bone {intermix the} healing in a hallucinogen barter system {intermix the} body’s centrifugal error {intermix the} calibrating of that error {intermix the} adjustment {intermix the} acceptance {intermix the} carousel keeper punching tickets {intermix the} translatable intel tasering the voice of the in {intermix the} edifice enchilada {intermix the} cache of the connection {intermix the} wheels of steel {intermix the} bassline opportunist {intermix the} sensibility quotidian {intermix the} saying of stuff…

“Well I got up one morning, the sun didn’t shine, / I picked up my shovel and I went to the mine, / I loaded sixteen ton of that number four coal / The face boss said, ”Well bless my soul!”

elena is maintaining her grip, the love that does the work…jeffrey jullich is the enigma I want to be, when I grow up…zurita is maddening the cloven field, a bilingual purgatory…stefanie posavec maps the chapter, textures ex-plane diagram…a sting inside the throat captures the fall of pagans, rush hour minstrel…

“I loaded sixteen tons, I tried to get ahead, / Got deeper and deeper in debt instead. / Well they got what I made, and they wanted some more, / And now I owe my soul at the company store.”

The ladder worker {intermix the} stepped on rail {intermix the} leg worker {intermix the} completion terrorist {intermix the} think of banana is that it stinks {intermix the} think of dharma {intermix the} newstand evangelist {intermix the} peer mention {intermix the} harp beggar {intermix the} pace of pluck {intermix the} eeked-out soprano {intermix the} sorrow and the fast of it {intermix the} sleepless kimono worker with nothing underneath but crumbs {intermix the} metaphor of every poet you love {intermix the} parka bikini {intermix the} compact makeup tween-bot loving her reflection against the people {intermix the} urban reminder of lost stanzas waiting to be written in a special notepad {intermix the} next platform {intermix the} rain-soaked paystubs {intermix the} earache that keeps both parents up {intermix the} flap-o-phone hand crank {intermix the} foundscape of the glitch {intermix the} freelance savior {intermix the} rakim lyric {intermix the} rhymes blurred when it occurred that you heard {intermix the} friction with crucifixion let loose the mix then boost the piston {intermix the} boss with bass {intermix the} marker with make {intermix the} seen…

and draw

Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, April 26th, 2010 by Edwin Torres.