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Gossip from AWP

By Jeffrey McDaniel

Mina Loy and Vladimir Mayakovsky were making out in the lobby. Marianne Moore wondered how she end up at the off-site Flarf event. Anne Sexton wore kerosene sandals and set the dance floor on fire. Robert Frost sneered under his breath towards Frank O’Hara, “there’s a man who has never worked a rake and has no business writing poems about leaves.” John Berryman bombed on all three of his job interviews. Hart Crane and Lorca got blitzed with a hotel room full of sailors. Rimbaud skipped his panel on Pedagogy in the Multi-Genre workshop. Baudelaire posted an ad on Craigslist and turned his suite into a brothel. Emily Dickinson stayed in her room. Walt Whitman shook his head several times and walked out of the convention center with his shirt off, never to be seen again. Fernando Pessoa and the Heteronyms rocked the Battle of the Bards competition. Langston Hughes told a an audience member: “if you need a hug from a poem, get a teddy bear”. Marianne Moore is still wondering how she ended up at the off-site Flarf event.

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 by Jeffrey McDaniel.