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Oye Poeta!

By Edwin Torres

Was traveling today and just wanted to send off a quick and humble so long before the month is gone. It’s been a true honor to swim with you all this month. A thank you to Travis Nichols for inviting me. I felt the experiment of blogs without a comment-stream, without immediate responses to obstruct the flow, created a continual fountain of knowledge-seeking among the alchemists. What a gas, to soak in everyone’s bliss! Reaching out across the many dimensions, as witnessed via Anselm’s exquisite dive into oblivion, Emily Warn’s excellent post-gathering just below, and so many more. On every visit to the site this month, someone’s filtered passion would fire across my cyber night, lighting up my inner dialogue. At a point in my life where time is something I’ve had to concreticise into malleable expositions, the discipline to investigate and devote increasingly rare time to just be part of the conversation has been exhausting, invigorating, reflective and gratifying. A handful of my pre-planned items were covered, but mostly my reactions revolved around the ears and voices from that day…in a deepened respect for the eloquence of silence and connection. So many voices, realizations, efforts, everyone…equally immersive. I truly believe poetry can change the world, as Kwame Dawes declared. Years ago, at a poetry festival in Nicaragua, the vice-president of the country actually made the key-note speech, stating that poetry saved Nicaragua from a war-torn country to a land where people use words as a tool for change. Indeed, from across the street, people would yell at us with honor “Oye Poeta!” Well, I didn’t expect to send anything tonight truthfully, so pardon my reach into already covered superlatives. To our connection from across the many streets. How every life does what it’s supposed to, every reach the same one, really. Cheers!

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, April 30th, 2010 by Edwin Torres.