Lemony Snicket Reviews James Schuyler

By Harriet Staff

"Schuyler is the middle child of the group of poets known as the New York School, overshadowed somewhat by Frank O’Hara (the one who died young) and John Ashbery (the one who will survive all of us), but a little more limelit than Kenneth Koch (the one who died old) and Barbara Guest (who would think the one woman in the group would be the least famous? Huh). He was Auden’s secretary for a few years and then something of an eternal houseguest, bumming around summerhouses and the Chelsea Hotel, writing all the while. He died about twenty years ago, leaving behind a huge pile of art criticism, some oddball novels, journals, and plays, but most of all a body of work that’s one of the easiest to read and love in American poetry."

--Read the whole review in the May issue of The Believer.

Originally Published: May 4th, 2010