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CAConrad wants you to watch this witch dance and do these somatic poetry exercies

By Harriet Staff



CA Conrad offers this somatic poetry exercise, inspired by Mina Loy, Mary Wigman and Maria Raha.

DAY ONE: As a preliminary, read the Loy quote aloud, then immediately watch Mary Wigman’s 1914 dance HEXENTANZ on You Tube, and watch Wigman with the volume as LOUD as possible. Then read the first of the twelve sections you’ve created in HELLIONS. Climb into the bathtub, turn on the shower, open an umbrella, and lie down to read the first book of poems, pausing from time to time to YELL the poet’s name! Take notes take notes. Reach inside your box and choose an object, but don’t look at it. Smell it, rub it against you. Meditate with the object in the middle of your chest while thinking of the twelve women, water beating against the umbrella. SCREAM YOUR NAME with eyes closed in meditation. SCREAM YOUR NAME with eyes open. Harryette Mullen says, “proceed with abandon / finding yourself where you are”. Look at the object. Do not put it back in the box, but do take more notes.

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Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Harriet Staff.