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Bearing witness through poetry

By Harriet Staff

Dr. Sarah Traister Moskovitz has translated a collection of Yiddish poetry originally composed by Jews trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto into English. Moskovitz has just put the translations up on a site called Poetry in Hell, and she recently talked to the Australian site J-Wire‘s staff about the project:

“It’s like a time capsule of ghetto life,” explains 82-yr-old Moskovitz. “The poems describe the daily actions, emotions, insights, and wisdom of people living in the ghetto, covering a wide range of topics, presented with the sensitivity and beauty that one can only express using poetry. While the Yiddish language is particularly beautiful, the English translations are easy to read and will make the poems accessible to a far wider group of readers and to future generations” . . .

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, July 16th, 2010 by Harriet Staff.