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The Sarah Palin poetry mother lode

By Harriet Staff

We all know that Sarah Palin has a unique way with words. But did we know that more than a few Palin-ites also have a way with the words? No we did not. Until now! The most famous woman from Wasilla has inspired lofty limericks that nearly equal the literary heights of her lipstick-on-a-pig zinger. Thank the Moose God of All Things Gosh Darnit that Wonkette discovered this poetic trove before the Bristol Palin-Levi Johnston wedding/reality show! There’s a goldmine of verse waiting to be explored, but here’s just one of the many gems:

A multitalented woman from the forty-ninth state
made Main Street Media blinded with hate.
She metamorphocised from Gov
to Mama Grizzly Bear. See how her love
with God’s help will right this land before it’s too late.

And, of course, Palin’s fans didn’t leave out her first dude:

Content in the background is our Sarah’s Todd.
Faithful and supportive, he thus serves God.
He’s got a big brood.
He hunts for their food.
He’s also quite handy with a fishing rod!

And it just goes on like that. For pages. Enjoy.

Originally Published: July 16th, 2010
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