For the first time since its publication, Anne Carson’s art-book-elegy, Nox, has tumbled out of the top ten on this week's contemporary best seller list. Nox arrives this week 14 spots down at number 20, while the rest of last week’s top 10 remains virtually unchanged. W.S. Merwin’s Shadow of Sirius remains on top. The sole debut on this week’s list is Claudia Emerson’s Figure Studies, the 2008 follow-up to her 2006 Pulitzer Prize winning Late Wife. Figure Studies employs series of lyric poems that explore gender in a variety of social situations—girls in an imaginary boarding school, a cat lady, and a hoarder, among others. Earlier this summer Emerson talked to Brian Brodeur about how she put these particular poems together, and you can read all about it here.

Originally Published: August 12th, 2010