Poetry News

The mystery of West Virginia's Midnight Poet

By Harriet Staff

Some residents of Morgantown, W. Va., have recently awoken to find unsolicited poetry strewn on their doorsteps and porches. The poems are all signed by “The Midnight Poet” and are left without warning (the surreptitious culprit lurks in darkness). Police consider the poems "hard to explain'' and have yet to define a motive. Though the poems don’t seem threatening, police have stepped up patrols in the poetry-heavy neighborhoods.

Here’s an example of the secret poet’s cryptic work courtesy of the Charleston Sunday Gazette:

Pustules of raw emotion

Remain dulled with grammatical confinement

And benevolent features

Harden with the crux of conformity

-- The Midnight Poet

Originally Published: August 11th, 2010