For centuries, our most justly famous authors have all been privy to the same secret: when you're out of ideas, steal one of the internet's ideas. Hence Eliot's quip: "Mediocre writers borrow, great writers steal from the internet." This is where The Muse project comes in. It's built for songwriters, but it's Muse-alate-ing could potentially work its magick on poets, as well. In the words of its creators:

This is a collection of small experiments in "computational songwriting inspiration." They were originally conceived to assist participants in the FAWM.ORG challenge, for whom writing 14 songs in 28 days sometimes requires a little assistance.

So if you’re suffering from those ol’ writer’s block blues, surf on over and let The Muse generate some inspiration. When Harriet asked for some title suggestions, it came up with:

look fantastic
leavin' for slave
the lil
shoot with me
do crowd

Appropriately, Harriet’s going with “Look Fantastic," because we already do look fantastic, and thus a poem of that title is probably easier for us to compose, than, say, a poem called "Leavin' for Slave."

Originally Published: October 18th, 2010