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Haiku Hero keeps your lines in line

By Harriet Staff

Thanks to Haiku Hero, poetry fans in cubicles everywhere finally have their own personalized distraction to add to their solitaire games and Sudoku. The Flash-based game pits you against a ticking clock (ideal for deep contemplation of nature) and throws you random words to include (ideal if you ever wished haiku could be more like playing Mad Libs with your 10-year-old cousin).

If competition isn't your thing and you have a hard time keeping track of syllables, "the game does have an untimed mode, which is far less stressful to use. You can either embrace the suggestions the game gives you or ignore them. When you compose your haiku, a syllable counter is continuously updated, so it's easy to get the number of syllables right."

Perhaps this comment sums it up best:

I sat down to try
but it quickly pissed me off.
So I browsed Reddit.

Originally Published: November 12th, 2010
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