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Introducing Paul Martínez Pompa @harriet_twitter

By Poetry Foundation


For the month of November, Harriet is proud to host Paul Martínez Pompa on the @harriet_poetry Twitter feed. Paul joins the growing list of Harriet Twitterati—D.A. Powell, Heather Christle, Kiki Petrosino, and Michael Earl Craig—some of whom have gone on to make the form their own (looking at you, @powell_DA!). More about Paul:

Paul Martínez Pompa earned degrees from the University of Chicago and Indiana University, where he served as a poetry editor for Indiana Review. His chapbook, Pepper Spray, was published by Momotombo Press in 2006. In 2007, his poetry and prose appeared in two anthologies: The Wind Shifts, New Latino Poetry and Telling Tongues, A Latin@ Anthology on Language Experience. His first, full-length book My Kill Adore Him, won the 2008 Andres Montoya Poetry Prize and was published by the University of Notre Dame Press in 2009. He lives in Chicago.

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