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No More Questions

By Harriet Staff

George Murray’s Questionless Books Interview is a series of interviews conducted by supplying the interviewee with unfinished sentences, and allowing him or her to fill in the blanks. In the most recent post, poet Christian Bök waxes poetic on the difference between writers, authors, and editors, and on his own interplanetary origins:

A *Writer* is responsible for…
permuting letters in the genomes of literature so that some new species might evolve.

As opposed to an *Author*, who is responsible for…
ensconcing a monoculture dominated by the predatory behaviour of only one gene.

At its core, *Publishing* is…
an act that almost all writers probably do long before it ever really needs to be done.

As opposed to *Editing*, which is…
an act that almost all writers think occurs after the act of writing rather than before it.

Perhaps this is the perfect interview form for the age of Twitter. Next-up, hopefully: interviews in the form of status updates.

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, November 19th, 2010 by Harriet Staff.