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Oh, that silly European Commission! December 22, 2010: This is not a story about poetry, but it’s pretty amazing. According to ArtInfo, the European Commission ruled that artworks by Bill Viola and Dan Flavin are not art, because they resemble [...] by

File Under: Both Completely Predictable and Kind of Weird December 21, 2010: While we’re not 100% sure we even understand this story, it’s interesting enough to note, and perhaps some of you readers out there will be smarter than us. According to The Chronicle of [...] by

Do As Lasky Does December 21, 2010: Poet Dorothea Lasky contributed a piece to The Millions‘ end of the year series “A Year in Reading.” In it, Lasky writes about a few books that compelled her in ’10, including [...] by

What does Edgar Allan Poe think about the 2010 Knicks? December 21, 2010: So now, thanks to the Sports Section, you know. by

NYC subway just got dumber December 21, 2010: Via the NYT: First, poetry disappeared from the subway. Now prose is on the way out, too. Instead of offering literature, the M.T.A. is promoting new improvements to the transit system. Train of [...] by

Caveat Emptor December 21, 2010: Thinking of buying your favorite nephew some books for Christmas? “America, I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing.” (via Gawker) by

What could be more wasteful than poetry? December 21, 2010: Senator Tom Coburn has put together a chapbook of found poetry called Wastebook 2010. In it, he details what he sees as wasteful government spending. The USA Today took particular delight in one [...] by

Towards a Norton Anthology of Lifehacking December 20, 2010: Alain de Botton writes in The Wall Street Journal about the School of Life he helped found in London in order to teach people how to live through the humanities. In searching for the purpose of a [...] by

Re-gifting rejection with Tim Wu and Notorious B.I.G. December 20, 2010: Tim Wu settles the great rap vs. poetry battle of 2010 over at The Paris Review (and none to soon, because no one wants this spilling over into 2011). Answering readers’ questions in an advice [...] by

“What poets can teach us about the war in Afghanistan” December 20, 2010: From the New Republic: In her poem “Voices,” Wislawa Szymborska offers a more accurate and acute description of America’s trajectory than anything you will hear from the likes of President [...] by