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Adorno in a bathing suit December 20, 2010: Happy holidays! by

LESS IS MORE December 20, 2010: Poetry magazine has featured cover art by Maira Kalman, Milton Glaser, David Byrne, and other greats, thanks to Winterhouse Studio. A lot of readers ask us how cover art is chosen for the magazine, [...] by

Poetry from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch December 19, 2010: Victoria Sloan Jordan reads two poems inspired her visits to Midway Atoll at TedxGreatPacificGarbagePatch. Jordan originally traveled to Midway Atoll as part of the MidwayJourney.com team, a project [...] by

Wear John Ashbery’s head at your own peril December 18, 2010: On the Huffington Post, Anis Shivani asks 22 poets to name who they believe is the most important contemporary poet and what influence that poet has had on his or her work. First up is H.L. Hix, who [...] by

A report from the e-books summit December 18, 2010: Former Poetry Foundation journalism fellow Alizah Salario went to this week’s e-book summit in New York to follow up on her article “Breaking the Poetry Code.” Here’s what she [...] by

Astrid Lorange on the “poetics of spanking” December 17, 2010: Poet Astrid Lorange, in the new issue of the online magazine Sustainable Aircraft, articulates a provisional “poetics of spanking.” Such a poetics is not so much aimed toward the creation or [...] by

Dude, you just got Muldooned! December 17, 2010: Paul Muldoon, famous poet and famous poetry editor of the New Yorker, offers a list of ten “great” poetry collections from 2010. He shows some restraint—only 6 of the ten books are [...] by

The Poet Census counts Miami December 17, 2010: The University of Wynwood in Miami has plans to undertake a Poet Census, according to Beached Miami. No, that’s neither a real university nor a real government-sanctioned census, but UW [...] by

Stein-o-rama December 17, 2010: T.G.I.F.! Eh? And what are you doing at work today, as you await the glorious arrival of the weekend? Well, after you get done scrolling through the entirety of Fail Blog, why notlisten to the [...] by

More Bad Celebrity Poetry December 17, 2010: Should we even bother to post news of bad celebrity one-off poems, such as the Pamela Anderson poems we posted on yesterday? Or are such instances of so little value that they don’t deserve to [...] by