Finding yourself short of New Year's resolutions that can actually stick? Try committing to publish at least three pieces on poetry in 2011. Shanna Compton has even created a helpful support group on Facebook to keep you on track. There are no rules, the only thing you need to do is "Just engage with some poems. Publicly." The open invitation states:

• YOU are encouraged to post links to your pieces as you publish them
• EDITORS are encouraged to request topics and post guidelines
• POETS and PRESSES are encouraged to post review copies available, contact information, etc.

Already, presses are responding with offers of review copies, editors are seeking reviewers, and bloggers are stepping up, too. Don't have an outlet of your own? Compton suggests there's always Good Reads, Amazon, Faceboook, or YouTube. Here's to a more visible poetry in 2011!

Originally Published: January 12th, 2011