Poet and digital media artist Brian Kim Stefans has generously posted an “anthology” of digital literature, meant for his students but free for all, on his Free Space Comix blog. The project, “Introduction to Electronic Literature: a freeware guide” is a comprehensive introduction to the subject, and made entirely of links to articles that are already free online. Stefans writes:

I also wanted to create a user-friendly, brief introduction to the field for people not in school, or who have no access to such a class. There are numerous places to find criticism and writing related to electronic literature, but they often contain such a huge amount of text that the newbie would not know where to start. Consequently, they are often very academic in discourse level, which is alienating to someone unfamiliar with the jargon.

The links are organized into five categories: Foundations, Writing Making Stealing, Text Image Sound, Reading Looking Doing, and Genre Jams. With 20 articles in each category, you have a lot of reading ahead of you, reader.

Originally Published: January 3rd, 2011