The new online journal, Evening Will Come, will publish new essays on poetics on the first day of each month, every month. The first month features an essay by C.D. Wright, entitled “In a Word, a World,” in which she elaborates her personal relationship to reference:

I know the adjective can be a nuisance, and the adverb clumsy. I’m a touch sick of the poetic inflation around prepositions. I would prefer that conjunctions were less visibly functional. Articles can clutter. The verb works the hardest. It should be the best paid. And I know the fifteenth letter O is the best word of all: O my black frying pan. O my fallen arches. O my degenerating fibroids. O what’s the point. O little man at the foot of my bed, please don’t steal my pillow.

Evening Will Come is exciting not just because of its elegant format and regular schedule, which sets it apart from many online mags, but because it gives prominent space to poetics. It’s nice to see a project launched with the intention of starting conversations.

Originally Published: January 4th, 2011