If you've been sitting on a brilliant idea for a user-generated experiential meteorology web project, Windsite just beat you to it. Dedicated to merging the immediacy of the internet with the human experience of wind, it attempts to counteract the reduction of life to pieces of data.

Along with this simplification, comes the numerical measuring of life. With cookie-cutter precision, the internet slices life’s organic shape into neat, quantifiable little squares. We have 140 characters or 530 friends––no more, no murkiness, no questions... We don’t experience the day as “20ºC, partially cloudy, with a 58% chance of precipitation, and a wind speed of 7.3 km/hr NW”. We’re pretty sure you don’t either.

So what does the personality of wind have to teach us about appreciating the qualitative things in life?

dreary weary, clouds be feary!

I gots my sun-come-back spray!

  • location: San Francisco, San Francisco International Airport
  • cloud cover: broken clouds
  • temperature: 11 °C
  • wind direction: 120°
  • wind speed: 5km/hr
Originally Published: January 4th, 2011