Reading together as therapy (at least you're not arguing!)

By Harriet Staff

The Independent reports on a new trend in couples therapy: couples bibliotherapy, in which the couple is encouraged to read the same books together, and to write haiku responses. Seriously! The article is written from the point of view of someone who supposedly benefited from their experience, and she outlines the process of skepticism and eventual acceptance. Here are the basics:

Couples bibliotherapy comes in three stages: the first is the questionnaire, where we were quizzed about our reading habits. (Did we grow up with books? What were our favourites? Where did we read? What were our passions and preoccupations?). The second stage is the actual session where, individually and together, we talk in more detail about what we would like to get out of our reading list. Finally comes the prescription, or "literary fix": the recommended books for each of us and a list of books to read together as a couple.

Originally Published: February 28th, 2011