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A preview of poetryfoundation.org’s new site

By Poetry Foundation

In the next few weeks, you’ll notice some significant changes on poetryfoundation.org.

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With the help of Tierra Innovation, we’ve redesigned the site to offer a richer online experience for poetry lovers.  We’ve added to what poetryfoundation.org already does to make great poems available to the online world.


We’ve integrated the Poetry Tool’s function into our enhanced search and browse, so you’ll now be able to look for poems and poets by multiple categories such as birthdate, occasion, and poetic school.  So if you want poems from the New York School or the Augustan age, one click will get you a list of all the New York School or Augustan poems in our 10,000 (and counting!) poem archive.   Or if you want a Mother’s Day poem, a love poem, or, even a nature poem from the Romantic era in England, you can refine your search to get what you need. 


When you like what you find you’ll now be able to “favorite” it and return to it every time you sign into your Poetry Foundation account. Also, if want to read more poems like it, the new Browse Poetry carousel will lead you deeper into the archive.


Every issue of Poetry magazine—from the first in 1912 to the latest—will now be available.  That’s every poem, every review, every essay, and every letter from the past 100 years.  Pretty exciting!

Poetry Mag

There are a number of other exciting new features to the site—too many to list here—but we encourage you to explore all poetryfoundation.org has to offer once the site goes live. Stay tuned!

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 by Poetry Foundation.