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C.D. Wright wins the National Book Critics Circle Award

By Harriet Staff

Last week, the National Book Critics Circle awarded their 2010 award for poetry to C.D. Wright for her book One With Others. NBCC board member Craig Morgan Teicher had this to say about the book:

C.D. Wright’s One with Others is a crucial book, and not just in the way that we often say the work of a major poet is “important,” like because it stirs up some of the old dust in the isolated room of poetry, maybe cleans things up enough to let some light peek in through a window. No, it’s not just that. With this book, an account, equal parts poetry and journalism, of a charged moment in the Civil Rights Movement in the Deep South, Wright kicks down a wall that it turns out divided poetry from nonfiction. She’s developed a new form, if not a new genre, that allows for a new blending of fact and feeling, one which could help us tell our stories going forward, if only we’ll let it school us.

Posted in Poetry News on Monday, March 14th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.