In the deluge of recent Charlie Sheen coverage, many have referred to his rants as poetry, generally more as a joke or a misguided critique of poetry itself than of Sheen's, um, winning verse. Entertainment Weekly has now uncovered solid proof that at least one person sincerely thinks of Sheen as a poet-- himself.

Well, it turns out that Sheen recognized his own bonkers lyricism and tried his hand at writing poems, even going so far as self-publishing a (now out-of-print) collection in 1990 which can be seen on Amazon. The book, called A Peace of My Mind and featuring illustrations by writer/director/Sheen-pal Adam Rifkin, presumably gives readers some insight into the cage-match of crazy that is Sheen’s unique worldview. Interestingly enough, it appears that Sheen also narrated some of his work for Rifkin’s film Tale of Two Sisters, the trailer for which can be found here. The movie looks like a grainy, early-John-Waters trip, but the real star is the poetry, which Sheen reads somberly and seriously.

A transcription of Sheen's poem from the movie trailer can be found back at EW and the book cover-- a hand pinching a chunk of bleeding scalp with some hair on it-- is appropriately charming.

Originally Published: March 3rd, 2011