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Cowboy Poetry attacked with... poetry?

By Harriet Staff

Political theater now plays out on more venues than just the floor of the Capitol, but verse still thrives on all of them. Harry Reid has been catching some flack for citing Nevada's annual Cowboy Poetry Festival as a reason to preserve the budget for the National Endowment for the Humanities. While said flack has more to do with his misspeaking on how the "tens of thousands of people" who attend each year "would not exist" without the festival (and you could probably find at least a couple among them who would agree), the goofiness of the situation hasn't stopped Reid's opponents from seizing an opportunity to accuse him of privileging poetry over a balanced budget.

What's especially odd, however, is that at least one chose to issue his critique of supporting poetry in the form of poetry. When Arizona Representative Jeff Flake couldn't cross chambers to address Reid directly, he naturally took to Twitter:

Way out on the prairie, to a rustler named Harry / Bein’ broke ain’t no reason to sweat ...
Just sit in yer’ barn, spin a rhythmic yarn / And you’ll pay down the national debt!

Via The Hill's Twitter Room. Yes, Twitter Room.

Originally Published: March 9th, 2011