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Music and poetry from the Deserter’s Information Center

By Harriet Staff

Last year, singer/songwriter Jeffrey Foucault filed through poet Lisa Olstein’s backpages of unpublished writing and came up with the lyrics for Cold Satellite. It’s an album that no less than Greil Marcus says has “a country feel that puts the people who live in the Nashville charts to shame.” While it’s many poets dream to actually be up on stage singing in leather pants (or whatever), few actually cross the genre barrier into music, fewer still that make music that doesn’t sound like open mic night at Bad Idea Cafe. But there is that notable few, including:

Allen Ginsberg:

Wyn Cooper:

And Ed Sanders & Tuli Kupferberg:

You can download Foucault and Olstein’s collaboration here.

Posted in Poetry News on Monday, March 28th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.