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Noah Eli Gordon’s choir of poets

By Harriet Staff

Noah Eli Gordon’s new book The Source is made of quotations stolen and remixed from page 26 of thousands of books from the Denver Public Library. The result is surprisingly consistent and “readable,” whatever that means. But Gordon troubled that readability in a recent performance, for which he invited a host of fellow poets (Arda Collins, Collin Schuster, Julia Cohen, Mathias Svalina, Julie Carr, Thibault Rault, Eric Baus, Andrea Rexilius, Sara Marshall and Michael Flatt) to all read pages of the book aloud along with him. Unsurprisingly, this created a lovely cacophony, in which the pages of the book, so carefully arranged and edited for a single reader, were returned, in spirit, to the overwhelming polyphony of the library shelves.

Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.