Poetry News

Poetry may find its way back to New York's subways after all

By Harriet Staff

The New York Times' City Room reports that the MTA has begun talks with the Poetry Society of America to bring back Poetry in Motion. The program ended in 2008 and was replaced with Train of Thought, which met its own demise earlier this year. Since then, the New York subways have been devoid of the literature and philosophical quotes that had appeared on placards in some form or another since 1992, only to be replaced by what City Room describes as a different kind of poetry: "A slogan promoting the agency’s Web site reads 'MTA.info: Now With More Info.'"

In order to bring back Poetry in Motion, the Poetry Society of America still needs to find a financial backer, but an anonymous source within the MTA thinks the authority would be all for it if that piece falls into place.

“Walder really loves the poetry; I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come back,” said an official at the transportation authority who is familiar with the plans, referring to the authority’s chairman, Jay H. Walder. The official was not authorized to speak publicly about discussions that were intended to be private.

Anonymous MTA officials: Now with more anonymity.