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R.I.P. Silliman’s Blog, 2002-2011?

By Harriet Staff

It seems as if Ron Silliman is over the whole blogging thing. Sort of. News quickly spread earlier this week that Silliman’s Blog was closing up shop, after a note from the author suggested that he was moving on to explore other forms of social media, which he sees as having become more relevant:

I’ve been maintaining the blog for more than eight years and as I think about all the changes I want to be making over the rest of this year, most of which are predicated around my desire to have more time to write, it makes me realize that what was once the newest thing on the block has by now become normative, even predictable. Blogs continue to have their uses, but in web time nothing stands still as a form for ten years.

The end of an era? Even Bookforum thinks so. Silliman hasn’t posted much in the last few months except enormous link lists and YouTube videos, but his was the first and most widely read of all poetry blogs, and even though the commentary has been sparse lately, no other blog has come close to such a prominent position in contemporary poetry. This means that there’s a big void to be filled, and younger bloggers might take up the challenge. But Silliman himself doubts that blogs will continue to be as influential as they once were, and is making the move to Twitter. As Supertramp sang, “Goodbye Silli / It’s been nice / Hope you find / Your paradise.” We tip our hat to your accomplishment, and hope you find your social media paradise, Mr. Silliman! (That’s a good joke because Paradise is the name of one of Silliman’s best books.)

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 by Harriet Staff.