Poetry News

"Skin" remixed in interactive, interpersonal literature

By Harriet Staff

Missed connection: 2,095 pieces of "Skin" have been seeking each other since 2003. Each has a single word tattooed on its body thanks to the writer Shelley Jackson who asked each "word" to volunteer as part of a human story which was never published in any other format. According to The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal:

The pieces of it wandered the earth, occasionally finding each other (two got married) and undoubtedly drunkenly telling new stories about their participation at bars. One died.

Jackson recently called upon the volunteers to submit videos of their word and remixed it into a new story available on Berkeley's NetArt, but the whole project is "ceaselessly remixing itself as its words wander around the world," says Jackson.

Originally Published: March 9th, 2011