Will lil' books kill the Kindle? Probably not.

By Harriet Staff

The Melville House blog posted on the “flipback,” a new small book format aimed at commuting urbanites. Flipbacks are small books that open vertically and have a “special spine” that allows the book to fall open easily. It also features very thin pages, so that a small book formatted for more pages than it’s larger edition still fits in the pocket. Already a big hit in Holland, publishers have plans to bring it to the UK, and eventually we may see them here in the US. An article in the Guardian calls the flipback the first serious competitor to the Kindle, but Melville House is way skeptical:

Or am I missing something? Does the idea of this new format appeal to you? It seems ideally suited to commuters reading on trains and buses–commuters, what do you think? Would being able to buy books as flipbacks push back the eventual day in the future in which you break down and buy an iPad, Nook, or Kindle?

Originally Published: March 23rd, 2011