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Film Adaptation of Jeffrey McDaniel’s “The Quiet World”

By Javier Huerta

I have been writing a sitcom. That’s not what this post is about. But it’s where it starts. I have been writing a sitcom titled Artificial Humor. But I think the title might change to AHAHA. It’s an acronym: Artificial. Humor. Android. Hilariously. Activated. That’s the name of the Laughing Robot in the sitcom. This post is not about the Laughing Robot. But it’s important to mention him. AHAHA is the Laughing Robot’s official name, but Nina calls him Rob. Nina is the woman Rob falls for, who will eventually reject his love. Nina is the reason Rob, the world’s first stand-up comic robot, will one day refuse to laugh. This post is not about the Love Song of Rob, the Laughing Robot. But love is at the center of it all. Last September, I decided to take advantage of the resources offered by CampusMovieFest to see what my sitcom characters might look like on screen. We, I and some fellow UC Berkeley grad students, were given a camera, a laptop, imovie, and a week to make a 5min video. Do Angels Laugh? was what we created. I’m proud of that video, especially because of its amateurish charm. We have since shot a full half-hour episode. But this post is not about angelic or robotic laughter. This post is about a film adaptation of a poem. My favorite video from last year’s CampusMovieFest was My Quiet World. I think the Berkeley undergrads behind the film did a wonderful job of adapting “The Quiet World” by Jeffrey McDaniel. You can read the poem here on the Poetry Foundation website. It’s intriguing to think how other poems could be adapted into short films. And now for your viewing pleasure-

Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, April 18th, 2011 by Javier Huerta.