I think Rocky says this about Adrian: She's got gaps. I got gaps. Together we fill gaps. Or something like that. Happy National Poetry Month, Harriet Readers! I would like to celebrate this month by taking an inventory of the contemporary poetry books I have in my home. I didn't realize how intimate this list would be. But here it goes. I used to have more books, but one summer I sold all the BIG NAME COMPLETE POEMS books I had. You know it's hard out here for an english grad student, and sometimes we need some cash.  The purpose of sharing this list with you is to maybe fill some of your gaps. And to keep it reciprocal. Maybe you can share with me (email, perhaps) your list and fill some of my gaps.

Without further ado--

tunaluna, alurista

Zero Hour and other documentary poems, Ernesto Cardenal

A Coney Island of the Mind, Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Starsdown, Jasper Bernes

And the Stars were Shining, Josh Ashberry

After All, William Mathews

The Good Thief, Marie Howe

On Carbon-Dating Hunger, Anthony Seidman

Situations, Signs, Jack Collom and Lyn Hejinian

Natural Histories, Leslie Ullman

La Carreta Made a U-turn, Tato Laviera

Undocumented Love/Amor Indocumentado, Jose Antonio Burciaga

The Place Within, Pope John Paul II

Borders, Pat Mora

Maritn & Meditations on the South Valley, Jimmy Santiago Baca

Que Linda la Brisa, Benjamin Saenz and Jimmy Santiago Baca with photographs by James Drake

Then, Suddenly, Lyn Emmanuel

Dear Jack, Scott  Inguito

Late Wife, Claudia Emerson

The Darkness around Us is Deep, William Stafford

Frail Craft, Jessica Fisher

Field-Russia, Gennady Aygi

Furious Lullaby, Oliver de la Paz

Interior with Sudden Joy, Brenda Shaughnessy

Life Studies, Robert Lowell

For the Union Dead, Robert Lowell

Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson

Poems Across the Pavement, Luis J. Rodriguez

Diwata, Barbara Jane Reyes

The Light Around the Body, Robert Bly

Saturday Night at the Pahala Theatre, Lois-Ann Yamanaka

Walking Theory, Steven Vincent

The Intelligence of Clouds, Stanley Moss

Praise, Robert Hass

Post Meridian, Mary Ruefle

Slow Work through Sand, Leslie Ullman

Ariel, Sylvia Plath

Border-Crosser with a Lamborghini Dream, Juan  Felipe Herrera

A la suerte de tus brazos, Joel Servin Ortega

Imagenes los Juegos, Miguel Angel Zapata

Silencios, Ivan Trejo

La musa lunatica/ The Lunatic Muse, Rafael Jesus Gonzalez

The Man in the Black Coat Turns, Robert Bly

Sands of the Well, Denise Levertov

What We Carry, Dorianne Laux

Sonnets and Salsa, Carmen Tafolla

Aun/ Still Another Day, Pablo Neruda

Dreams by No One’s  Daughter,  Leslie Ullman

Palabras de Mediodia/ Noon Words, Lucha Corpi

Imago, Joseph O. Legaspi

Indian Trains, Erika Wurth

Gravities of Center, Barbara J. Pulmano Reyes

American Jesus, Richard Vargas

Metamorphosis of the Serpent God, Robert L. Giron

The Unicorn Poem & Flowers and Songs of Sorrow,  E.A. Mares

My Kill Adore Him, Paul Martinez Pompa

From the Cables of Genocide: Poems on Love and Hunger, Lorna Dee  Cervantez

Las Bicicletas de Boulder, Jose T. Espinosa Jacome

Cantos, Alfred Arteaga

This Many Miles from Desire, Lee  Herrick

The Laughter of Doves, Frances Marie Trevino

Sonnets to Madness and Other Misfortunes, Francisco X. Alarcon

La Materia del Silencio, Cesar Baez, Gabriela Aguirre, Jose Andrade

The Computer is Down, Evangelina Vigil-Pinon

La Frontera: Un Cuerpo, Gabriela Aguirre Sanchez

East of the Freeway, raulsalinas

Estampida de poeminimos, Efrain Huerta

The Lost Country of Sight, Neil Aitken

From the Other Side of Night: New and Selected, Francisco X. Alarcon

Exiles of Desire, Juan Felipe Herrera

A contracorriente, Marco Antonio Campos/Book  I: As life was, Jimmy Santiago Baca

The Complete Poems of Cavafy, trans Rae Dalven

Bestiary, Lourdes Vazquez

Bent to the Earth, Blas Manuel De Luna

La Cicatriz del  Naipe, Jose Jaime Ruiz

Oasis, Jose Luis Parada

For colored boys who speak softly, yosimar reyes

from Sand Creek, Simon J. Ortiz

Thirty an’ Seen a Lot, Evangelina Vigil

De Amor Oscuro/ Of Dark Love, Francisco X. Alarcon

Poemas Plagiados, Esteban Peicovich

The Heart’s Traffic, Ching-In Chen

Poeta en San Francisco, Barbara  Jane Reyes

El Reverso Exacto del Texto, Margarita-Sayak Valencia Triana

Whispering to Fool the Wind, Alberto Rios

Chants, Pat Mora

La Llorona on the Longfellow Bridge, Alicia Gaspar de Alba

The Seven Ages, Louise Gluck

boomerang, Brenda Cardenas

The Concrete River, Luis J.  Rodriguez

The Country between Us, Carolyn Forche

Emotoma,  Minerva Reynosa

Trench Town Rock, Kamau Brathwaite

Sol-Edades, Marco Antonio  Dominguez

Artemis in  Echo Park, Eloise Klein Healy

Thomas and Beulah, Rita Dove

Out of this World, Joseph Somoza

A Book Called Rats, Miguel Murphy

Delights & Shadows, Ted Kooser

Ten to One, Bob Perelman

The Beauty of the Husband, Anne Carson

The Lichtenberg Figures, Ben  Lerner

Facts for Visitors, Srikanth Reddy

Asylum, Quan Barry

Oblique Prayers, Denise Levertov

Breathing the Water, Denise Levertov

Nights and Day, James Merrill

City of a Hundred Fires, Richard Blanco

The Other Man was Me: A Voyage to the New World, Rafael Campo

Spinach Days, Robert Philips

For the Sleepwalkers, Edward Hirsh

Breakdown Lane, Robert Philips

Dark and Perfect Angels, Benjamin Alire Saenz

La Costumbre Heroicamente Insana de Hablar Solo, Armando Alanis Pulido

Mixturao and Other Poems, Tato Laviera

Dark Thirthy, santee frazier

Celso, Leo  Romero

Solstice, emmy perez

Los ojos ya deshechos, Luis Aguilar

La entranable constumbre o El libro de Felipe, Luis Aguilar

The Outer Bands, Gabriel Gomez

Puerta de Sol, Francisco Aragon

Selected poetry, Cecilio Garcia-Camarillo

Et tu . . . Raza?, alurista

Elegies in Blue, Benjamin Alire Saenz

Z eros, alurista

The Smoking Mirror, Naomi Helena Quinones

Other Fugitives and Other Strangers, Rigoberto Gonzalez

The Date Fruit Elegies, John Olivares Espinoza

How to Undress a Cop, Sarah Cortez

Somewhere between Houston and El Paso, Carolina Monsivais

My Own True Name: New and Selected Poems for Young Adults, Pat Mora

A Semblance: Selected and New Poems 1975-2007, Laura Moriarty

Cascadia, Brenda Hillman

The Woman who Fell from the Sky, Joy Harjo

Picture Palace, Stephanie Young

The World Doesn’t End, Charles Simic

Names Above Houses, Oliver de la Paz

What I’m On, Luis Humberto Valadez

Poemas & Antipoemas, Nicanor Parra

AmerIcan, Tato Laviera

Deshuesadero, Roman Lujan

Caja de Pandero, Sergio Wulschner

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, John Ashberry

Sunstone/Piedra de Sol, Octavio Paz

The Night Tito Trinidad KO’ed Ricardo Mayorga, Kevin Gonzalez

Revenge of the “Illegal Alien”, Cesar A. Preciado-Cruz (teolol)

Unending Blues, Charles Simic

My Heart Flooded with Water: Selected  Poems, Alfonsina Storni

The Poems, Howard McCord

Poemas Escogidos, Al Qing

Plummet, Chris Nealon

The Joyous Age, Christopher Nealon

The Buried Sea: New and Selected, Rane Arroyo

In Formation: 20 Years of Joda, Jose Montoya

Tarde o Temprano: Poemas 1958-2000, Jose Emilio Pacheco

Teeth, Aracelis Girmay

Familia, Elisa A.  Garza

They Say that I am Two, Marcos McPeek Villatoro

Suck on the Marrow, Camille T. Dungy

The Dream  Songs, John Berryman

Drive: The First  Quartet, Lorna Dee Cervantes

Snake Poems: An Aztec Invocation, Francisco  X. Alarcon

187 Reasons Mexicanos Can’t Cross the Border, Juan Felipe Herrera

from Unincorporated Territory [hacha], Craig Santos Perez

Frozen Accident, Alfred Arteaga

My Father Was a Toltec and selected poems, Ana Castillo

Why I Kick at Night, Ron Drummond

How the World Changed, Amit K. Ghosh

OBRAS, Xavier Villaurrutia

Bad Alchemy, Dionisio D. Martinez

Poems by Son, Trinidad Sanchez, Jr./ Poesias del Padre, Trinidad Vasquez Sanchez

Communion, Pat Mora

Feral, Jane McAdams

from Unincorporated Territory [saina], Craig Santos Perez

What to Eat, What to Drink, What to Leave for Poison, Camille T. Dungy

floricanto en aztlan, alurista

Calendar of Dust, Benjamin Alire Saenz

Dreaming the End of War, Benjamin Alire Saenz

Pity the Drowned Horses, Sheryl Luna

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely, Claudia Rankine

the iceworker sings and other poems, Andres Montoya

Paper Pavilion,  Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

Business of Fancydancing, Sherman Alexie

Prayer to Spider Woman/ Rezo a la Mujer Arana, Renato Rosaldo

Originally Published: April 11th, 2011

Javier O. Huerta's debut collection Some Clarifications y otros poemas (Arte Publico 2007) received the 31st Chicano/Latino Literary Prize from UC Irvine. He is also the author of American Copia (2012). A graduate of the Bilingual MFA Program at UT El Paso, Huerta is currently a PhD student in the...