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From the Department of Horrifying News

By Harriet Staff

While Yemen continues to try to sort out its ongoing political crisis, its citizens suffer. As discovered at Ron Silliman's blog, Yemeni poet, Walid Mohamed Ahmed al-Ramisi had his tongue sliced off, allegedly by members of the Joint Meeting Parties:

Local sources said that attackers captured al-Ramisi in Taiz Street and took him to a house where they cut off his tongue.

This was apparently in response to his poems that were critical against the JMP. Al-Ramisi expressed his support for the unity of Yemen and constitutional legitimacy.

He is 23 years old and originally from Ibb governorate. Medical sources at Thawra General Hospital in Sana’a said that two-thirds of al-Ramisi’s tongue was amputated and that doctors were unable to re-attach it to his body.

Al-Ramisi had reached the hospital two hours after his tongue had been cut off. A security source said that security forces were tracking down the suspects.
When al-Ramisi awoke from a coma he could not talk.

Here is a brief article, which also quotes al-Ramisi's most recent poem.

Originally Published: May 19th, 2011