Lonely Christopher! Thou art inspiringly prolific. “His formal experimentation will reward readers who have been craving a Huysmans sort of Nick Drake sort of Andy Kaufman killer writer,” writes Kevin Killian.

The 24-year-old Brooklyn poet and writer—whose acclaimed recent book of short stories, The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse, was selected by Dennis Cooper for Akashic’s “Little House on the Bowery” series—is now less than $6,000 away from financing his first movie. The Local’s Fort Greene outpost talked with LC not too long ago about his ambitious Kickstarter campaign to raise $18,000 for the independent project. MOM, which will also be directed by Lonely Christopher, is a story about Try, a young man searching Brooklyn for his birth mother with the help of a low-rent detective agency. The film is eventually complicated by “surreal philosophic discussions and narrative tricks,” as says LC on the Kickstarter page, and its investigation of the sociological and psychological impact of both family and neighborhood.

As Christopher told The Local: “I’m going for the feeling of falling in love with a new place, or the idea of a new place. But is the vitality and the charm of that place really going to provide Try with any answers? That’s a question we’ll explore.”

In exchange for your help in purchasing a steady cam or a painted chair (every film’s got to need a painted chair, right?), you’ll receive beaucoup gifts from the poet himself, whose relatable consideration of the realities of falling in love with the “idea of a new place” seems to pop up in his poetic work as well. To wit: “We get around just fine on that lady / though majuscule events threaten the floor / which we stand fast upon watching rainbows / each colliding into our magic bridge”. Lonely Christopher is, yes, also the author of several poetry chapbooks, and he has had his librettos and plays staged in New York City and internationally (and released in Mandarin translation). He is a founding member of the small press The Corresponding Society and an editor of its biannual journal Correspondence.

Christopher and his crew now have, as of this post, less than 70 hours to reach their goal, and if no-go, all the cash raised thus far will be forfeited, as per the rules of the game. Take a gander at the trailer for MOM:

Originally Published: May 4th, 2011