Just in from the White House Media Affairs Office, Michelle Obama's remarks at the student poetry workshop at the State Dining Room where Harriet's own Kenny Goldsmith is . . . what? WHAT IS HE DOING THERE?!?!?!

Anyways, Ms. Obama:

So we’re going to do this big, fancy poetry reading this evening, and that's all fun, and we’re going to hear some stuff. It’s going to be good. But this is the real reason, this workshop today, this is why we do it, because we’ve flown you guys here from all over the country because we want you to be a part of this conversation, sitting here in the State Room of the White House of the United States of America, because you’re just that important, right? You’re just that important. And this is the best part of the day, every time we do these. It’s today. So thank you for being here.

I was a budding writer. Elizabeth doesn’t know this. She thinks she knows everything about me. But when I was young, I was a passionate creative writer and sort of a poet. That's how I would release myself. Whenever I was struggling in school, or didn’t want to go outside and deal with the nonsense of the neighborhood, I would write and write and write and write.

So this workshop and celebrating you all is important to me, as well, because I think it was my writing that sort of prepared me for so much of what I’ve had to do in my life as an adult.

Read the whole thing here.

Originally Published: May 11th, 2011