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Happy Birthday, Allen Ginsberg!

By Harriet Staff

In honor of Allen Ginsberg's birthday today, we'd like to point you to a new project from poet CAConrad, who has created several "short video docu-ramas" under his larger Jupiter 88 video journal (which now includes 48 separate entries of poets reading). This time, for June's HOWL Festival in New York, Conrad got heaps more to sit in front of the camera and discuss Ginsberg's influence, whether on them personally or in using poetry as a tool for activism. Poets involved in the Jupiter 88 Allen Ginsberg Edition include Stacy Szymaszek (+ strange doll!), Eileen Myles, Douglas A. Martin, Ariana Reines, Filip Marinovich, Edwin Torres, Vincent Katz, Dorothea Lasky, Frank Sherlock, and many more.

Especially interesting is Conrad's own take, which you can find here.

Originally Published: June 3rd, 2011