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I Think That I Shall Never See

By Don Share

As most literate folks know by now, Leonard Stern, co-creator of Mad Libs, has died. For many of us, Mad Libs was a first introduction to the considerable pleasures of wordplay. The most apt obituary I’ve come across is one with a Mad Lib lead-off at the Washington Post.

Well, I thought I’d honor Stern’s memory with the above poetry Mad Lib, devised by our Fred Sasaki, above; click. then click again, to enlarge.  But before you do, please fill in this list:

Your name:

Name of person in the room:



Part of the body:

Name of famous poet:


Name of woman in the room:


Part of the body (plural):

Your hometown:

Something alive (plural):

Name of person in the room:

Noun (rhymes with “rain”):

Name of person in the room:


Regarding that infamous “Trees” poem, first published by Joyce Kilmer in Poetry in August 1913, don’t smirk so fast; you can find out why not by clicking here. But if you must be snide, then do enjoy Tom Disch’s sequel to it, published in Poetry in 1978, and viewable here.

RIP, Mr. Stern.

Posted in From Poetry Magazine on Monday, June 13th, 2011 by Don Share.