We can't help but notice that the July issue of Evening Will Come has just gone up: the newish online magazine, founded in November 2010 by Joshua Marie Wilkinson (now edited with others), features a selection of poets on the first of each month, in minimalist mode: they simply present their poetics (poetic themselves). Previous issues have included C.D. Wright, Tyrone Williams, Julie Carr, Hoa Nguyen, Laura Sims, and plenty more; and July has got Christine Hume, Laura Mullen, and Ronaldo V. Wilson.

A bit from Wilson's piece, "Poetics in Dream Tracking":

What kind of poet are you? How do you say, I am a Black poet? How do you say that being a Black poet is how I am also an Asian and Gay poet? How do you say, I am not interested in anything but the sky at one moment, and the complications of intentionally wanting to soil a bathroom wall, or to hack up on someone’s face, in the next? How do you say, I have given over to the labor of the exhausted black body in one form of writing after another? How do you say, I have splinters to pull from my brain, as I attempt to occupy and evade? How do you say, I almost got the job, again, but now I am getting older and I fear I will never get what I deserve if I keep telling the truth, but all I have is the truth? How do you say, I am lost in the complications of my birth, that for me, being a poet is tied to the experience of, at this moment, purposefully moving in what Myung Mi Kim, in Commons, names as the “circulatory spaces,” somewhere in the “storehouse of the human,” what I see as the complicated archive of experience that is freeing, yet held in relief to what binds me to root and wire. How do you say, there is no safety net, and the more clearly you delineate, the more it becomes harder to make an honest living in the world where you have to eat, pay bills, and love?

The whole thing can be read here.

Originally Published: June 30th, 2011