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ONandOnScreen Partners With BOMB in Summer Text/Image Projects

By Harriet Staff

The BOMB Summer 2011 issue is shaping up: you can preview (flip through!) the magazine here. Now, BOMB has partnered with ONandOnScreen, which is, essentially, poems + videos. “Here videos are linked with poems and poems with videos in a shared space, widening the spectrum and essential strangeness of each. ONandOnScreen is a conversation between moving words and moving images, on and on.”

For BOMB‘s part, they’ll be featuring a new text and image selection every week. Today at BOMBlog, you can check out Cedar Sigo, paired with a video by David Enos.

At ONandOnScreen now for view are poems + videos by Susan Briante, Elaine Equi, Carter Ratcliffe, Christina Davis, Matthew Zapruder, Kyle Schlesinger and Scott Stark, Joseph Massey, and more. If only we could steal one of the pieces to show you here…rest assured that, par exemple, Cagney & Lacey in couples therapy paired with a poem by Rosanna Bruno and Jeanine Olsen is quite the mellow drama.

Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, June 9th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.