A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous. This you know. But did you know that Terry Van Vliet, cousin of the musician/painter Captain Beefheart, is a poet, who according to one Holly Prado, “merges the personal and the mythic with seamless grace.” Well, now you know. Also, Van Vliet’s book, Black Lines on Terracotta, debuts at number 17 on this week’s contemporary best seller list. Juliana Spahr’s Black Sparrow debut, Well Then There Now, also debuts this week (at number 21). It’s Spahr’s fourth book, and continues her “politically engaged, passionately interrogatory, and decidedly different” project that isn’t quite found poetry and isn’t quite confessional poetry but something (mesmerizingly) in between.

Originally Published: June 18th, 2011