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Statue of Pushkin Rides Lightning, In Egypt

By Harriet Staff

To commemorate "Russia Day" in Egypt, a statue of the Russian-by-way-of-Cameroon poet Pushkin, sculpted by Grigory Pototsky, was unveiled yesterday. According to his interview, Pototsky believes Pushkin is beyond nationality, which makes him a curious choice to help spread culture uniquely Russian:

According to Grigory Pototsky, Pushkin, like many renowned figures, has no nationality. Wherever they are, they carry their country’s culture and history, so the more monuments to Russian writers and poets appear worldwide, the better. At present, the sculptor is working on the image of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He plans to place a monument to him in South America.

Nonetheless! The statue will stand outside the new library of Alexandria until a modern-day Ceasar accidentally burns it down (Just kidding! It'll last forever).

Originally Published: June 13th, 2011