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The Poetry Project Newsletter Now Available for Gratis Download

By Harriet Staff


The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church is just about to shut the iron gates for the summer (with two more readings to go, and memorials for both Paul Violi and Akilah Oliver to come this month). In a sweet (temporary) goodbye, they've just made available for PDF download all of their past two seasons' issues of The Poetry Project Newsletter--usually available only through subscription. The editorship rotates every two years (past editors include the poets Ron Padgett, Ted Greenwald, Tim Dlugos, Jessica Hagedorn, Lisa Jarnot, and many others); and has been in the very recent past in the hands of John Coletti (2007-2009) and, for 2009-2011, Corina Copp. Next fall, keep your eyes peeled for some glorious editing from Paul Foster Johnson, who is taking the reins (or "the lead cape," as they refer to it) from CC.

From 2009-2011, the PPNL featured essays on poets theater, Robert Walser, Ilse Aichinger, Daniel Davidson, Anna Mendelssohn, Sean Bonney, and more; poems by Nathaniel Mackey, Peter Culley, Ariana Reines, Nathaniel Otting, Sandra Doller, Jacqueline Waters, Deanna Ferguson, and Evan Kennedy; interviews with Bruce Andrews & Sally Silvers, Cecilia Vicuna, Carla Harryman & Lyn Hejinian, Trevor Winkfield, Harryette Mullen, Alan Bernheimer, and more; remembrances of Jim Carroll and Michael Gizzi; many chapbook roundups; and plenty of reviews: Emily Critchley on Lisa Robertson, Shonni Enelow on Rodrigo Toscano, Miles Champion on Ian Hamilton Finlay, Diane Ward on Jane Sprague, Mark Mendoza on Tom Raworth, Erica Kaufman on Magdalena Zurawski, Jordan Davis on Tan Lin, Sara Wintz on Catherine Wagner, David Auerbach on Christian Hawkey, Paolo Javier on Filip Marinovich, Brad Flis on Ronaldo V. Wilson, Lucy Ives on Fanny Howe, Anna Moschovakis on Daniel Kane, Barry Schwabsky on Paul Celan & Ingeborg Bachmann; and, well, you get the idea. Lotsa summer reading!

Issues can be downloaded for free here. And to receive the rag in print, you can subscribe or become a member.

Originally Published: June 7th, 2011
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