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Unkown Poems by Celebrated Icelandic Poet Found

By Harriet Staff

According to the Iceland Review, fifteen unpublished poems by Davíd Stefánsson, "one of Iceland’s most treasured poets," went up for sale last week. According to the article, an antiquarian came across the poems in a letter tucked inside a book owned by one of Stefánsson's friends:

“It was inside one of Davíd’s poetry books, Kvaedi, which was published in 1922. He seems to have given the book to his friend and handwritten one poem in it. There are in fact 16 unpublished poems, including the one in the book,” Thorvaldur Thór Maríuson, the antiquarian, described to Morgunbladid.

While not confirmed, Maríuson feels pretty confident:

“The handwriting and style is typical for him. I would think that it must have been a very dear friend of Davíd’s who received the poems. He died about 50 years ago so it has just been lying inside the book and people haven’t thought about it.”

Fridrik G. Olgeirsson, author of Stefánsson’s biography, adds the following:

“It doesn’t surprise me that there are poems by him that haven’t been published. For example, I know that he attended a birthday party once where he wrote a poem in the birthday book.”

Find the entire article here.

Originally Published: June 7th, 2011