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A bozo’s a bozo’s a bozo’s a bozo

By Harriet Staff

On Sunday, a guard manning the Gertrude Stein exhibit at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum decided to crack down on a hand-holding lesbian couple. Opines witness Jane Levikow, “The idea that in 2011, in San Francisco, at the Jewish Museum, this guard could be that out of touch was shocking.” According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Levikow says she did get a smile out of everyone when it was pointed out that the feature exhibit is devoted to examining the “evolving public personae, lifestyle, and relationships,” of Gertrude Stein, the famous lesbian artist.

“Does anyone see any irony here?” Levikow asked.

We do! Above, see Stein with her partner, Alice Toklas. And some roses.

Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, July 21st, 2011 by Harriet Staff.