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Cribs, Laureate-Style: An Interview with W.S. Merwin

By Harriet Staff

According to this article from The Honolulu Pulse, W.S. Merwin will appear in a one hour interview on PBS Hawaii.

From the article:

“A Conversation with America’s Poet Laureate: W.S. Merwin” includes a tour of the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet’s home in Haiku, where he and his wife, Paula, tend to a collection of endangered palms.

Set against the lush, serene background of his Maui home, Merwin expounds on the meaning of language and the practical purpose that poetry serves for humankind, sharing his own poems from various stages in his career,” according to PBS Hawaii.

Posted in Poetry News on Friday, July 1st, 2011 by Harriet Staff.