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The Tale of David Buuck and the Crystal Nexus

By Harriet Staff

We're plenty sure that you're familiar with CAConrad by now, and most significantly, with his (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises, which have produced some great results from poets all over the yard—but this one takes the cake. Conrad created #54, "Crystal Nexus," just for our favorite Oakland-based performance radical, David Buuck, "who eats the dirt." The exercise requires Buuck to find a gemstone; research its magical properties; sleep with it under his pillow; ask three friends to sleep with it under their pillows (must be two women and two men total); trust the stone to carry the nexus of their dreams and his; upon return, rub the stone all over his face; wash it thoroughly; swallow it; "DREAM with your crystal representative inside you INSIDE YOU;" on the following day, pass the stone; take notes about notes; make a new friend; and pull a poem out of the stone and the new friend.

And hooray, Buuck is posting his progress on Vimeo. In "Crystal Nexus Part 1," you'll find him rubbing the stone all over his face, and then. . . .

Crystal Nexus part 1 from David Buuck on Vimeo.

In "Crystal Nexus Part 2," Buuck says, "I don't honestly know if it's passed or not...I didn't see any instructions, anything saying that I needed actually to uh, investigate my shit." He goes on to report on his morning, which includes waking to the phrase, "Dig the Caesars." Maybe he's been reading this? Quite close. Then he reads his poem; we'll say it's a bit NSFW, at least aurally. So yeah, watch this Good TV with your headphones on.

Crystal Nexus Part 2 from David Buuck on Vimeo.

Originally Published: July 14th, 2011