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The Waterboys to release an album of songs based on W.B. Yeats poems

By Harriet Staff

An article at Clash Music reports that the “deeply under-rated” (really?) Waterboys will release an album of songs based on Yeats’ work.

Singer Mike Scott explains:

Since 1991, when I sang a few Yeats interpretations onstage at the Abbey as part of a festival, I’ve had the vision of a whole show and an album using Yeats’ words as song lyrics. Over the years I’ve returned again and again to my book of The Complete Poems and have slowly built up a repertoire. And I should stress these are songs – rock’n’roll, pop, psychedelic and roots songs – not recitations…. My purpose isn’t to treat Yeats as a museum piece, but to connect with the soul of the poems – as they appear to me – then go wherever the music in my head suggests; and that means some surprising places.

We’re surprised. And intrigued.

The album, which sets Yeats’s poems to music, is called “An Appointment with Mr Yeats.” It’s been in the works for two decades, and will appear on September 19th. Find an audio track from the album here.

Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, July 11th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.