This week was an emotional tilt-a-whirl here at Harriet.

We continued to mourn the indisputably poetic thespian Peter Falk (who left us last Friday) as we enjoyed his beat-tastic on-screen debut as “a small-time existentialist crook.”

We loved on the brilliant No Slander podcast, which, in a mere ten episodes, has already featured Michelle Taransky, Anthony McCann, and a fascinating exegesis on the digestive system. Greg Purcell and Ish Klein are going places.

We got a sweet contact buzz from Eric Banks’s informative rave about the new Raymond Roussel translations.

For the first time, we got stoked for a Nigerian reality show.

We couldn’t decide whether we were more bemused or amused by Mark Strand’s oddly funny retirement from the poetry game. The man has now retired more times than Too $hort.

We were charmed by previously unreleased demos from Robert Creeley’s home life.

We looked back wistfully at Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, a matchless performance artist who vanished from the poetry world after the great Dada backlash.

We were alarmed by Dean Young’s continuing health and financial woes and deeply disturbed by the toll Alzheimer’s has taken on Jack Agüeros.

We sat back amazed at the outsize signature of Bruce Conner.

And things got marginally steamy.

Enjoy the holiday. U! S! A!.

Originally Published: July 1st, 2011