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2012 AWP Schedule Announced!

By Harriet Staff


Ah, AWP jokes. They are the bread that sustain so many inter-university-office-we-have-absolutely-nothing-else-in-common-whatsoever relationships. And now the folks at full stop have brought it to a whole new level: The Internet. Follow this link for a fake AWP schedule. Don’t worry, all genres are represented. If you work at a university that actually grants you printing privileges, print this baby out, tack it to the wall in the copy room above the microwave that hasn’t been cleaned since Billy Collins’ keynote address (Hey-O!), sit back and bask in the laughter from “That Imagist Scholar” and, if it’s Wednesday, “That Person With The Hitchcock Portrait On Their Door” who don’t remember your name either. Or, you could be a hero and forward it to your listserv and wait for the accidental “Reply All”s to roll in.

Happy Friday!

Posted in Poetry News on Friday, August 19th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.