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RejectionWiki: Thank You for Sending Us “[Title]”

By Harriet Staff

Feeling rejected? Here’s one for you! We’ve just stumbled upon RejectionWiki, which looks to be a database for the purpose of collecting rejection letters. Or as they put it:

RejectionWiki was born from the Poets & Writers forums, a place where writers come together to talk about writing and the writing life. A big part—really, a massive part—of writing is dealing with rejection and developing and maintaining a healthy attitude towards it. Everybody gets rejected, hundreds and hundreds of times, and writers need a thick skin in order to persevere. Writers understand the necessity of the form rejection letter, but often the wording can confuse. That’s where the RejectionWiki comes in.

The goal of the RejectionWiki is to house the standard (or “boilerplate” as they are often known) rejections as well as upper-tier rejection letters. These upper-tier rejections are usually still forms, but knowing that you made a few rounds to that upper-tier can be encouraging. The more different tiers of rejection letters people share, the more transparent the whole process will become.

As with most wikis, this is a work in progress. Please be patient and get involved!

If you’ve been saving up your rejection letters for no good reason, this might be a worthy stage. Lots of journals up have no entries thus far–including Harper’s, the Iowa Review, the Paris Review, and another we’ve heard a little bit about

And then there are others full up, like A Public Space, which has three rejections posted already. Boston Review, among others, has three tiers: Standard, Tiered, and Higher Tiered. Por ejemplo:


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your work. We have given it close consideration and find that it does not suit our present needs. We wish you success in placing your work elsewhere. Thank you for thinking of Boston Review.


The Editors of Boston Review


Thank you for sending us “[title]”

Though this submission does not suit our present needs, we look forward to reading more.


The Editors of Boston Review

Higher Tiered

Thank you for sending us “[title].”

Your submission was well written and quite engaging. After careful consideration, we have decided it does not suit our current needs. However, we do encourage you to send future work for further consideration.

We look forward to reading more.


The Editors of Boston Review

Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, August 11th, 2011 by Harriet Staff.